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Watch the Trailer to my documentary, click here to purchase 9/11 Haiti Sri Lanka, even the Youtube link starts with uN United Nations Supported (obviously) look it up on Youtube.
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After finding out that all the events from the Columbus DC, album cover such as the Sri Lanka Tsunami, and the London tunnel bombings were directly connected to my life, along with non stop presence of abuse, torture and warfare, I researched and found out about the existence of the International Criminal Court.
I wrote them a letter in September 2007, and got a response stating they filed a case on my behalf. The letter dated September 23, 2007.

Timeline of events after the case was filed:

Winter 2007: I moved back to Europe, cause stay in America was unbarable.
Spring 2008: I return back to America, after no success and no communication from the ICC or any Government of Macedonia, while I received a e-mail stamped from the European Union that they are working on my case.
Spring 2009: Obama paid off 4 trillion dollars.
Spring 2009: Disapointed from Government corruption I decided to move back to Europe to try to renounce my USA citizenship.
January 2010: Haiti quakes with estimates of 250,000 lives lost, during my 2nd attempt to renounce my USA citizenship, once again with direct connections to my life.
March 2011: Japan quakes with over 15,000 dead during my 3rd attempt to renounce my USA citizenship.
Fall 2013: Returning to the USA, attempting to renounce my Macedonian citizenship.
September 27, 2014: Turned in my Macedonian Passport and Identification Cards, and received my renounciation of my citizenship papers from the Macedonian Government. The papers were signed on October 4, 2013, but nobody contacted me until September 2014.

Notes: There has been many more world wide events connected to my life.
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