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2 Murder Attempts/Threats on my life in last 3 Easters

Another close shot to death came unexpectedly today Thursday May 2nd, 2013 for me.  It wouldn't have been so obvious if it wasn't the Thursday 3 days before the celebration for Easter. Christians celebrate that on a Thursday Jesus was killed and resurrected 3 days later. A similar close to death experience happened on the Thursday 3 days before Easter 3 years ago in 2011. I had to come out with this information because if I was to die today, the news would have called it another accident, instead of being set up to get murdered.  Just like the news did with the Haiti incident, the Japan incident and the Sri Lanka tsunami. So to make a long story short, the house behind my house here in Macedonia FYR is not currently occupied. The owners live in Canada and to my knowledge are retiree's. Their son a supposedly respectable English history teacher was in town this week fixing up their property getting it ready for their visit. He asked me yesterday Wednesday May 1st, 2012 if I could come over and help him move a couch from the second story down to the first story. Not giving much thought to his fast talking English accent attitude I told him that I will go and help him today. Sure enough as soon as I made it to the kitchen this morning still in my boxers, he noticed me right away and yelled out his back window. I told him after I get done eating I will come over to help him move the couch. Being on the bottom end of couch carrying it down the steps was not an easy task with the tight space given. The 2 levels are separated and the steps are cement outside in the yard. With only 3 or 4 steps left to till we reach the bottom I felt a lot of weight and instability coming down on me. I looked up and what I could see was an angry man pushing down the couch on me with his hands. I repeated myself a few times earlier not to push down on me because he was already pushing to some extent earlier. With all the weight released from his end the entire couch was weighing me down hanging over the side metal rail. I managed to overthrow the couch over the side rail to save it from falling on top of me and crushing. After I got rid of the couch ended up falling back 2 or 3 steps down the cement steps injuring my left inner hand and falling and injuring my left buttock. I also scratched my watch, and got a few blood holes from my watch hitting against my hand with its buttons. The attitude of the neighbor the English teacher completely changed. He knew about my music and said he had watched my video. But all of the sudden it sounded like he knew a lot more about me. The expression in face had changed from a friendly person to an angry face that indirectly was speaking to me, if he could have killed me he would have, in the name of protecting genocide. I was trying to talk to him indirectly and see if that was his entire intention from the beginning or if it was something that all of the sudden came over him. I was hoping he would snap and say something to the point where he was intentionally doing this so I can take proper actions and punch his face out, before I take him to the authorities. My name is not Jesus Christ and I don't like for people to attempt to murder me around Easter 2 times over the last 3 Easters.
The incident that happened 3 Easters ago on the Thursday before Easter involved another one of my neighbors who lives across the street from me. As with this corrupt government had bought him a brand new Chevy off my name he was used to parking his cars on front of my house, while he was getting treated well and his business grew. My family was supposed to come and visit me from the United States in May and about a month before they came, I told him to stop parking his car on front of my house, because I needed a break from everyone before my family comes in town, and needed some time to myself. He obviously took that personally and paid me back the 1st chance he could, like a bully. A bully that capitalizes of my name and in order for him not to capitalize off my name I have to get in fist fight with.  The Thursday before Easter 2011, he had some of his friends over talking loud in his yard as midnight was approaching drinking and being a nuisance. I had woken up at 7 in the morning that day and I couldn't fall asleep. I went over to talk to him and ask him to keep it down. His 2 friends ended up coming outside. We ended up getting in a fist fight that night, me against 3 guys, and I had went to the police station to report him for the incident because I seen all that Genocide in their faces come out with anger trying to get at me.  The police officers once again purposely didn't show up until his friends left, so they can let them get away with drunk driving, and at the end the police officers said they couldn't do anything for me. Seeing the corrupt situation I told the police officers okay, and rushed them out of my house, not wanting anything to do with them. I have had to suffer sense 2011 because of that 1 night incident, hanging out in my scene with his politics brutally murdering me nonstop and destroying my life and finances nonstop. Whatever the Government could find to get to so they can stronghold and have a reason to brutally kill me for the next year or 2 years or month or 2 months they did so.
For today's incident I went ahead and called the Security Council Presidency of the United Nations, which advised me to contact them through e-mail as they were busy. I went ahead and contacted them through the website contact form. I also went to Police headquarters here and reported the incident, telling them I want it treated as a murder attempt, instead of an accident. Primarily because that's what it was, it was a murder threat to laugh in my face and dig me to the ground leaving me weak and helpless in all situations in life. A few of the serious detectives there were laughing at me playing off the situation, kind of had me cornered in their office with about 5 of their detectives making a joke out of me, as I was explaining other incidents like the Haiti, Japan and me trying to renounce my citizenship to them. Finally they took me back down to the 1st person I spoke with and he told me he was going to investigate the incident after he got my contact info. My main point in the subject though was if I died they would have reported on the news it was an accident, while one of their departments might have wrote paperwork properly as murder, but the general population would have been lied to again calling it an accident. This is what is wrong with the way things are going.

Goranco Petrovski, Boss Money, Gazda Pari