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Advice For Newlyweds

In this short and quick article I wanted to share with my readers what has been revealed to me by God and his wisdom while I was reading the Old Testament in the Bible. God seems to prepare me in all stages of life and he helps me learn how to overcome difficulties that I may have insecurities about and so is the case in this article. The passage I'm basing my article to help with the great relationship of marriage is Book: Exodus Chapter: 20 Vs: 23 which reads: Ye shall not make with me gods of silver, neither shall ye make unto you gods of gold.

You may ask your self how would this passage have anything to do with marriage right?   The answer is right on front of your eyes if your mind set is on romance and love. Every husband and wife exchange wedding rings at the time of their marriage. Those wedding rings are usually made of gold and silver. This scenario interprets on how to be at ease about your marriage. God teaches us through this passage to have trust in your partner and treat the marriage like a faithful vow. I know most of us will never feel completely free, and will always feel judged if we don't wear our wedding rings so we will wear them anyway. The point is don't treat your wedding ring like a God, like it states in the passage. Treat the wedding ring as TRUST, and have opening in your soul filled with love and understanding that your SPOUSE is TRUST.

Don't look at the wedding ring as a God that is keeping your spouse enslaved maybe even like torture or forcefully to be faithful because you are wearing his/her wedding ring. This will teach you how to wear the ring, and get used to wearing jewelry without having conflicts with God. It will ease your soul at the same time in marriage, and have a happy TRUSTING marriage, especially if both you and your partner know this passage and both read my article. Open communication will help you understand each other and love each other, to have the perfect marriage. Basically don't treat the wedding ring as power, treat it instead as trust. Power may cause conflict at times and stubborn results, while trust may cause love and emotion.

Now as far as gold chains go, and to beat that conflict with this passage I would suggest making the gold chains feel like they are a gift from God instead of like they are a powerful God. Same with the gold cross with Jesus I would treat it like it's a gift from God, instead of being a god. I would treat the gold cross with Jesus as a gift that was sent by God to teach us and I'm wearing it as a sign of respect and knowledge.

Article Written By Goranco Petrovski / Boss Money