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Publicly Released Government Codes

The following is Boss Money dark Comedy, and sarcasm, new material may be added on occasion.

You know there is something wrong.

#0. You know there is something wrong when you get to the point of calling someone a mass murdering genocidal GURU cause they still ain't gotten arrested.

#1. You know there is something wrong when a group of Government workers utilize you to get 500,000 people killed so they can enter and get a piece of history like Julius Ceaser.

#2. You know there is something wrong, when you get woken up at 2pm. on a Monday afternoon deprived of sleeping in more, in order to start getting brutally killed, because 1st shift Government didn't get their turn in accelarating their human right careers for the day, and they only have 3 hours of work left for the day.

#3. You know there is something wrong, when Government workers are fighting to hang out in your scene like you are a Walmart on a Black Friday Sale, all getting rich, looking positive like you are benefiting from them, while they are maximizing and having you brutally killed in the process with their other departments, and accelarating their human right careers.

#4. You know there is something wrong, when you can't stop at a STOP sign like a law abiding driver, with out a vehicle behind you beeping their horn at you for stopping, so the Government can make you look like a law breaker every chance they get and justify them selves killing you daily.

Ways a CIA agent will falsify you in order to keep getting paid of doing nothing.

#0.  You ask someone if they got some work for you. You got some work for me? They are saying you are asking if they got some crack, so you can get it and sell it and make money. work = crack

#1. Your dog just had a litter of puppies. you ask a friend if he/she wants to buy one. They are saying you are selling poppy plants.

#2. You are in the kitchen cooking and you ask your company if they want onions in their food. They are saying you are speaking code for selling ounces of something. onion=ounce(oz.)

#3. You are drinking a beverage and a drinking straw drops on the floor, you pick it up. They are saying you are about to use a straw (sniff, sniff)

#4. You are on your lunch break and purchase a twinkie to snack for 50 cents.They are saying you just purchased 2 kilos of something for or from 50 cents the rapper. twin=2 key=kie=kilograms

#5. You are getting ice cubes to put in your drink, they are saying you are using the drug "ice" refered to 4-Methylaminorex or methamphetamine.

#6. A person at your work asks you "working hard today man/woman?", you say "yes". They are saying you are selling crack. working=selling hard=crack

#7. You wasn't feeling good. decide to go to the emergency room at the hospital e.r. next day you go to a friends cookout. You take some meat with you to cook. they are saying you stole a heart from the hospital and now is selling it.

If you find your self in this type of situation boss money recommends the following. Keep any powder looking substances out of your house, cooking flour, baking powder, baking soda, brown sugar, onions, etc. the only thing that can't be escaped and will keep them coming is your house key. Since you need this to lock up your property, exit and enter your property, they can always say you have a kilogram of some sort and they need to keep investigating. Thus concluding that if you are in this situation it is hard to escape from it.

Other original jokes by Boss Money

You are so skinny, my dinner plate weighs more then you.

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