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Don't elect Romney save 250,000 lives!!!
The inside story from the #1 victim of crime in the world.

Before beginning to get into detail about why Romney should not get elected in the 2012 elections or ever, I want to make it clear that I'm not a hate preacher, or a bad person out here accusing people for no good reason. I'm always living a life of torture and based on my previous 10 years of experience of all the murders worldwide directly linked to my life, all I'm trying to do is save lives. Because I don't want another 250,000 people to get killed somewhere in the world and I keep on building up anger inside because nobody in any of the respectable Governmental Agencies worldwide lifted a hand to tell the truth to the public, so we can all get together and get to the bottom of these crimes and put those responsible behind bars.
                 Second I'm not out here trying to dig a ditch for Romney. He is a human being and has his own goals and achievements in life. But the governmental forces that put him in the 2012 elections, as a Presidential candidate, do not have good intentions in mind. There are a lot of different departments in the world that work for the Government and commit crimes, while they call them justifiable for hidden agenda reasons. If you take a good look at my website you will see that this big genocidal stronghold has been rotating in my life for some time now. Their actions, causing death across the globe, while utilizing my name and code, to make me the center of the incidents.
My heritage is Macedonian, which used to be part of Yugoslavia, before the country split up back in 1991 due to genocide even back then.  And while Yugoslavia and the United States of America have been going through a lot of hidden wars back and forth over the years, they are not the only countries responsible for these acts. Being with a Yugoslavian heritage and a United States citizen I have learned all the inside information that has been going, primarily because the world has chosen me to be the victim while they are utilizing me to commit these crimes.  So they basically let me know about them through psychological warfare that really can't be proven by anybody unless they work for the government and are in those positions.

When Obama got elected everyone saw the obvious that he resembled Osama's name with only one letter difference. He was to become the hunter of Osama and get rid of him in order to bring justice to the United States. What the rest of the world didn't see is me and all the things that have happened to me in my life. My astrological sign is a Taurus and I was born in May. There is a saying in the United States of America, when a person doesn't agree with something he says "That's Bull Shit". Well a Taurus is also a "Bull". My point being is I'm a great figure amongst the underworld of government workers as you can plainly see just with all the incidents directly linked to my life on my website. And since the rest of the world didn't know about me and my life they also missed out on an important triangle with the Osama and Obama issue. The only difference between Osama and Obama are the letters "B & S" standing for "Bull Shit" and me "Goranco Petrovski" is the "Bull Running this Shit". I didn't make this triangle up, but it was revealed to me after some time, through warfare.

Now I'm going through a step by step process explaining the background of the situation before I get to explain why Romney should not become President in the 2012 elections or ever. A person has to understand the past so he knows how it led to the future, and find it believable to take action and prevent further lives lost. With that said I want to mention that there are always two sides to the story. There was the opposition present that didn't want Obama to get elected and code be utilized like that. Some mad about the United States killing so many people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some mad because they live in 3rd world countries and are poor while the United States is constantly wealthy eating away at the O-Zone. Others mad about  big companies like Coca Cola using something like 70 billion gallons of water per year and sucking the world dry,( don't quote me on the exact figures) while the company doesn't pay a world fee for using the resource. All of these mad characters had their own plan about getting even with the United States. There are many different sides of explanation I can get into, such as the previous Sri Lanka incident in 2005 and Obama paying off trillions of dollars in 2009. People panicked that the United States won't get punished for genocidal crime and decided to set up another genocidal incident in Haiti. While others may have been trying to get another genocidal act going, because they were already involved in the first one, and they tried to get as many people as they can looking at some type of genocidal charge or another, to make it hard for the world to maintain order. Whatever the scenario since everybody decided to go with the codes and names and Obama got elected, 250,000 lives got lost because of it in Haiti.

Now since the next election is in line the world is still here. There hasn't been a single public statement issued by the United Nations or International Criminal Court about all these events in my life. Everybody is still playing the game full throttle. And since these genocidal crimes are not made public, the criminals working for the Government are still feeling comfortable, working and plotting on committing more crimes. And it's Romney that's in line next. Since I mentioned that I'm a main figure in this whole happening, my heritage is Yugoslavian, and this whole thing has been revolving around me, I will break down Romney using the code that the world chose him to be a President for. Romney = "Don't get mad at the end Yugoslavia". The code signifies the end of the battle between the two oppositions. Since they killed Osama they are feeling comfortable that they can execute Yugoslavia with their new elected official. And the forces working against Romney feel comfortable that they can make the United States commit genocide number 3 and give them strike number 3 for committing genocide. Giving the Government their own taste of how they like to do their own citizens behind bars, with the United States 3 strikes and you are out policy that was made public some years ago. Basically what the United States did was made a rule saying that if a person commits 3 felony crimes he will serve prison for the rest of his/her life. So the world is trying to give them a taste of their own type of punishment.

Bottom line is that since the game is still being played, Romney should in no way even be in the elections or have any type of chance of being elected. And what has the news been doing? All they been doing is pumping Romney up, giving him tons of coverage daily to give the push forward toward the next genocide. Think about all the people that were involved in either paying off trillions of dollars, or pocketing trillions of dollars in 2009, and all their life sentences for corruption. There are a lot of people working for the Government out there that are literally ruined for the rest of their lives with worries of being arrested and these types of movements don't get done with only one or two people. My best advice is to keep Obama as President. Let him serve the next four years while Romney passes over and gets over his hopes to become a President. That way if the previous genocides don't get made public by then, at least 250,000 lives will be saved from being killed somewhere in the world.

I will break down and explain the code of Romney one more time for easy understanding. Romney = Grrr Omega No Yugoslavia. The R in the word means Grrrr, the OM stand for Omega, the NE stands for NO in the Macedonian language where I'm from, and the Y stands for Yugoslavia. The explanation in plain terms means "don't get mad at the end Yugoslavia". Also you will notice his name backwards stands for "Yen More" as in "More Yen" as in the Chinese currency. This also pumps the trouble makers up because they feel the country China will protect them through their warfare games, while they build the United States economy from China.

Going further in detail and warning is the word "diversity". These are masterminds plotting genocidal events. Explaining the Sri Lanka Tsunami in the year 2005, the races that died in that genocide were Chinese squinty eyed Asian and Hindu colored people. The incident happened by water which represents the Navy. The 2010 Haiti genocide resulted in black people dying. The incident happened on land and represented the Army. If Romney gets elected and the third genocide happens it will happen in diverse way. The race that is really left is the white race, maybe Hispanic, or Muslim. The Muslim race already lost a lot of people in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and is probably not liable for an attack. So the primarily target is the white race in Europe and the air force is next in line to commit a genocide. The event will happen from the sky. We have seen increases of sun solar rays hitting the earth this year. Questioning if technology exists to magnify the sun rays and use them as a weapon bringing them here on earth. We have even seen some nearby comets passing by earth recently. We even seen the United States Airforce get rid of it's slogan "In God We Trust" from it's Airforce emblem in 2012. Only to give the killers a more comfortable edge in commiting genocide and get ready for what's ahead.

Man landed on the moon, invented a television and a telephone. Man even invented a dog collar to control invincible fences for dogs and control where they can go. If the obvious technology like that is public, then why would somebody disagree that a Government worker can implant a technology in a human body to make him run into some other person they want them to run into. Or leak inside information like this to me around the clock. Because I came to learn this diversity fact one evening after getting really mad and sending a couple e-mails to the United Nations offices cussing and fussing about justice being brought. Instead they ratted out some information to me using warfare technology nobody can prove they did, to make me feel better for the day, while they continue not taking any actions.

In conclusion I want to make myself clear again. I am not a hate preacher, or an enemy of the state. I am just trying to prevent the third genocide from happening, and save lives. Everybody reading this article should spread the word. Not necessarily hurting Romney as a person, but if Romney finds out about this he should be willing to step down himself from running just to not even take the chance of something happening. While my advice for Obama is to get his troops out of Afghanistan and stop killing. The world is fed up of murder.

Article Written By Goranco Petrovski / Boss Money