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A Hidden Agenda Behind Hitler Killing The Jews?

Was Kosovo A Trade Off For Israel?

        The next time you walk through town and see a German swastika symbol spray painted you may want to think twice about having negative thoughts about it. That is if you belong to the Jewish or the Christian religion. You may want to take a deep sigh and think about the power of our Christian and Jewish ancestors. Millions of Jews did get killed in the process and that was wrong. But was there a hidden agenda behind Hitler killing the Jews?

        If you take a look through the Bible, the city of Jerusalem and the land of Israel are recognized pieces of history for both the Jewish and Christian religions. Israel became independent and recognized as a Jewish state on May 14th, 1948. Was it tough for Christian and Jewish leaders to take back the land before then? It very well may have been. Could you imagine all of the negotiating that took place over decades if not centuries over that piece of land? Did the final decision to kill all of the Jews if they want to get their piece of land back, was up to a fed up Muslim leader that told power European leaders on one of those long negotiating days, "Fine if you want to gain Israel back, millions of Jews have to die". And from another perspective. Did powerful European leaders have something in mind. "Lets set up Hitler to kill millions of Jews, while we soften up the Middle Easterners
hearts in the process for the big loss. We will make the Jews look like a race out of place here in Europe, and the Middle Easterners will open up their hearts and let them back in Israel. And we will once again be back in our promised land, the land of our religious history." Both scenarios could be true facts, if you have the right governmental sources to confirm. Perhaps, though unlikely, Hitler was in on it as well and that's why his body was never found. But even if the scenarios  aren't true isn't that what happened anyway? The Jews got the state of  Israel as an independent state only 3 years after World War 2 ended in 1945. Further supporting facts that explain the whole setup is at that time Italy and Japan decided to join the war on the side of Hitler. The Vatican, which is the highest religious ground for Catholics in the world, is a small country inside of Italy. And the Italians decided to join Hitler to help the bigger cause, which is to help the white Jewish race, gain ground in Israel and take over. While on the other hand Japan decided to join because they most likely knew about the plot to gain Israel and wanted to join the main contributors to the plot in order to spoil the white men hope and plan. Though not at that exact time, Japan will always have a permanent mark in history, as history plays back it self, and the whole plot clears up. England left a big clue to the cause at that time by having Winston Churchill as a Prime Minister at the time. If you break down his name Win S Ton, Church Hill, you can see that a win for a church that was trying to conquer a hill was due in this case the hill was Israel. The S in between is the exposure of the plot in the future.

        While all this was going, the military force of the white men proved strong and maintained putting pressure and fear to the Arab politicians to give up Israel. The final bang came when the United States dropped the nuclear bomb on Japan. The message to the Arab world was clear, "We don't want to result to killing you over Israel, since the land is holy, we are killing elsewhere so you get the message, but we will if we have to."

        Potential consequences that came out of this was the Kosovo genocide that took place back in the late 80's and early 90's. All it would take would be for a couple of Islam officials to find the truth about Israel, and millions of Israeli citizens lives are at risk. In return an offering of a European piece of land such as Kosovo is placed on the table. The country Yugoslavia which then had 6 republics was utilized and possibly set up to kill hundreds of thousands of Muslim man and women in order to make the trade off possible. In return Yugoslavia broke up as a country and Kosovo became it's own independent republic, in which the majority is Muslim. 

        So the next time you walk through town and see a swastika sign, you may come to grief and think about the potential power and secrecy of powerful leaders, that deal with hidden agendas. Or you may see someone do a Hi Hitler and think of it in a different way. Salute Hitler for getting Israel back to the Jewish race, which makes some Christians feel good that Israel is occupied by Jews.

Article Written By: Goranco Petrovski / Boss Money
Discovered / Revealed to Boss Money in the year of 2011, marking the 66th year anniversary of World War 2

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