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The forces of the Underworld have done it again, continuing with the genocide and managed to pull the Japan Incident in March, 2011, be sure to read my article titled Presidential And Prime Minister Visits That Leave Big Clues Of Genocide for interesting information.
Gazda Pari / Boss Money debuted on TV with his music video Dobra Kombinacija that was featured on K15 Television.
The truth about the genocide that happened in Haiti in 2010 which resulted in the loss of around 250,000 lives is revealed to Boss Money. Knowing code and how it's used to show smarts in the Underworld is a key factor to understanding the 1 million lives lost since the turn of the century. The code for HAITI is " Ha Information Technology I " Ha as in first person laughing. Report this code to any government agency possible to bring justice to the people that died.
The new music Hip Hop / Rap and R&B star Boss Money has entered the entertainment industry with out lacking any originality or style. His new music album titles " Columbus DC " and is available for purchase on the main store links such as Amazon MP3 and Itunes . The cover of the album tells a story on it's own. Download your new music today, and be part of this music LEGEND.
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Boss Money releases his new documentary titled Government Secret Code. A documentary about Government Rule and how code is utilized in it. (Feb/2012)
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I divorced my moms brother and his family from being my family anymore in the "Dnevnik" paper August 29, 2012, because of greed and failiure to split up Equity left from grandparents. If I get my International Criminal Court settlement he doesn't count as my family and doesn't get any money. Him and his government been a big leach in my life. They hurried up and paralized his wife on September 12th, or 13th, 2007, when I wrote the International Criminal Court my letter, because they had inside information obviously that the International Criminal Court will be filing a case on my behalf and they wanted to get a piece of the pie from me.
September 27, 2014 around 4pm EST I met with the Macedonian Consulate in St. Mary Macedonian Church in Reynoldsburg, Ohio USA and turned in my Macedonian Passport, Drivers License and Identification Card. I received my document stating my citizenship renounce request has been approved. The actual document is signed on October 4, 2013, but nobody contacted me from the Macedonian Consulate, until this month when I contacted them enquiring about my status.