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Proper Shower Practices

        Mankind has evolved through centuries of learning and inventing. Proper hygiene is not a subject that is given much thought, and in this article I wanted to give some good points to practice and teach your children on how to properly shower. When taking a shower, a person should have two soaps kept in separate soap dishes, along with the shampoo. One piece of soap should be used for the upper body, the face, neck, arms, chest and stomach. And the second piece of soap should be used for the lower body, everything from the belly button on down.
        Always keep in mind to start your washing with your head and work your way down. Try to avoid mixing your washing, such as washing your hair, then moving on down to wash your private areas and then moving back up to wash your face.
        The proper way to take a shower is to wash your hair, use the first set of soap to wash your face and upper body and then rinse. After rinsing your upper body, switch to the second soap you have to wash the front of your lower body. Rinse the front of your lower body and wash the back of your lower body
. It will be useful to use two pairs of soaps because next time you step in the shower, if only using one pair of soap, the last place you touched and washed with the soap was your lower body, and now the first place you are washing is your face. So you would be bringing up whatever is left on the soap from your lower body back on to your face. It is useful for each family member to have their own two soaps labeled so you don't mix your lower body soaps with each other. Try to teach your children to practice the same showering methods.
        Before taking a shower, try to take some time out for your body and shave, cut your nails if needed and brush and floss your teeth. Remember, you can buy cheap razor blades and shaving cream to shave because they don't affect anything, but try to keep quality shampoo in stock to keep your hair healthy and thick.

Written by: Goranco Petrovski / Boss Money

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