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The Osama Bin Laden Issue And The United States

        The recent killing ordered by the United States President Barack Obama against Osama Bin Laden has shocked the International Community. It was always understood that the United States was very well aware of where Osama Bin Laden has been moving and living, and the war in Afghanistan has been a big mass of why does the war even exist?

        Many Muslims in Asia have reported that the killing against Osama has been cold blooded murder. With this approach the United States has lost respect amongst many citizens worldwide, who have instead started fearing the United States and feeling that their standard human right has been violated. Many citizens worldwide feel that they should have the human right not to like the United States if they don't want to, and now have to fear for their lives by the example the United States is setting.

        Some of the supporting facts of why people don't like the United States is by the hundreds and thousands of Muslim lives lost in the recent war in Iraq and Afghanistan. These are young boys and teenagers comparable to gangs in the United States who are labeled Taliban. Many have never held a gun in their hand before entering the battle field.
The young teenage Muslims got slaughtered and killed day after day by United States military forces who not only have professional military training, but also have helicopters, airplanes, top of the line scopes and rifles. In return the young Muslim men may not posses nothing more then a simple AR 15 with no aiming adjustments, or at the most a rocket launcher.

        By the time it's all said and done with, there hasn't been any punishment or charge against the United States for killing hundreds and thousands of innocent teenage muslims. And with an open war in Afghanistan, President Obama still managed to get the Nobel Peace Prize presented by Norway last year. There is a lot to evaluate as to how favoritism turns the world these days that is for sure.

Article Written By : Goranco Petrovski / Boss Money

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