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What Is Next For Mankind?

        As the world turns and human life advances and evolves, many questions come to mind as to what happens next? Can we get bored with our regular life here on Earth, and will we expand to new horizons? We already have set foot on the moon and sent vehicles to explore Mars, while other vehicles are currently on their way or being built and designed to explore other planets. What we do with this information is the key to advancing our human civilization?
        It's a classic conquer and advance strategy that we as humans have already experienced here on Earth through centuries of evolution, wars and research and development. Wouldn't it be a good idea to bring back some of the soil back from Mars, the moon and other planets we send our vehicles to? Why you may ask? Well not just for the sheer, "I want to have some soil from that planet because it's special, it's from another planet" theme. How about bringing that soil back to
Earth and adding water to it? Seeing if there is any type of grass, fruit, tree or vegetable seed that has survived through all of these years, perhaps from millions of years ago. If the power of the sun at one point reached our outer planets and there was life present, then we could possibly experience new food we have never tasted before.
        Another classic example of conquering and developing also tied in with advancement and being rewarded for your hard work is finding new types of long-lasting fuels on other planets. We have dedicated all of this time in figuring out how to get to other planets and have actually sent vehicles there. Through years of future research, it is possible to find better fuel source on other planets to carry our ships and vehicles through space at greater speeds and far less time while also finding material to make our space ships stronger and more durable. Conquering and advancing for mankind is the key, and there are many rewards waiting for us. So to answer the question, will we get bored with life here on Earth? There is all kinds of possibilities of coming across new food and travel, which is a big plus that brings a lot of excitement and thought.

Article Written By : Goranco Petrovski / Boss Money

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